Case study

Aragon DAO's Financial Reporting Automation

Empowering Aragon DAO with streamlined and automated financial reporting for enhanced decision-making

Sep 1, 2023


Aragon DAO, a decentralized organization specializing in web3.0 governance management, faced a labor-intensive, error-prone process of manually tracking and categorizing expenses paid in multiple digital assets. Recognizing the inefficiency, Aragon DAO enlisted our expertise for an automated solution.

Reporting script


The finance team at Aragon DAO grappled with:

  • Tracking payments in various digital currencies.

  • Categorizing both recurring and one-off transactions.

  • Ensuring timely and accurate monthly reports.


We deployed a comprehensive automation strategy using Google Scripts, Python, and Power Query to revamp Aragon DAO's financial reporting.The solution included:

  • Scripts automatically extracted transaction data from various platforms.

  • Python algorithms classified expenses into predefined budget categories.

  • Power Query unified data from multiple sources into a single report.


Our solution dramatically reduced manual labor, leading to:

  • Time Savings: What took days now is updated in real time.

  • Accuracy: Automated processes eliminated human error.

  • Strategic Focus: The team can now concentrate on financial strategy rather than manual tasks.

Script execution


By leveraging our automation expertise, Aragon DAO transformed its manual reporting process into a streamlined, accurate, and time-saving operation.

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