Case study

Automating Vendor Accruals at Array Technologies

Revolutionizing Array Technologies' operational efficiency through advanced vendor accruals automation.

Jul 20, 2023


Array Technologies, a leading technology firm, faced the cumbersome task of manually reaching out to large vendors every month to accrue unbilled charges for accounting. The repetitive and time-consuming nature of this process prompted Array Technologies to seek our automation expertise.

Creating scheduled flow for vendor follow ups


The accounting team was burdened with:

Manually sending emails to multiple vendors near month-end.

Identifying and collecting data on unbilled charges.

Ensuring accurate accounting accruals while minimizing disruptions to vendor relations.


We implemented an automation solution using Microsoft Teams and Power Automate, streamlining the monthly vendor accruals process. The solution's core features included:

  • Automated Email Triggering: Scheduled emails are now sent automatically a few days before month-end.

  • Custom Vendor Forms: Vendors receive specialized forms asking for details on unpaid invoices and unbilled charges, along with the reasons for these charges.

  • Seamless Data Collection: Forms are integrated back into the system for easy aggregation and analysis.


The implementation led to substantial improvements:

  • Efficiency: The automated process now handles what used to be a laborious manual task.

  • Accuracy: The use of standardized forms ensures more accurate data collection.

  • Vendor Relations: The automated, non-disruptive approach has maintained good relations with vendors.


Our automation solution transformed Array Technologies' monthly accruals process into a seamless, efficient, and accurate system, allowing the accounting team to focus on more value-added activities.

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